Ballet, Modern and Tap for children and adults of all abilities


Old Church House, Bingham, NG13 8DR

6.15—6.45 Primary Tap

6.45—7.30 Junior Modern

7.30—8.00 Stage One Tap

8.00—8.30 Stage Two and Three Tap


Old Church House, Bingham, NG13 8DR

3.45—4.00 Baby Tap One

4.00—4.45 Nursery and Pre-Primary Ballet

4.45—5.30 Grade 3 Ballet

5.30—5.45 Pointe Class (Grade Five Ballet)

5.45—6.30 Grade Five Ballet

6.30—7.15 Grade Six Ballet

7.15—7.30 Pointe Class (Grade Six and Seven Ballet)

7.30—8.15 Grade Seven Ballet

8.15—9.00 Senior Modern

9.00—9.30 Stage Six and Intermediate Tap

7.45—8.30 Advanced Adult Tap

8.30—9.15 Adult Modern


Old Church House, Bingham, NG13 8DR

4.00—4.45 Primary Ballet

4.45—5.30 Grade One Ballet

5.30—6.15 Grade Two Ballet

6.15—7.00 Grade Three Ballet

7.00—7.45 Stage Three Tap

7.45—8.30 Grade Four Ballet

8.30—9.15 Stage Four and Five Tap


Old Church House, Bingham, NG13 8DR

9.00—9.45 Nursery Ballet

9.45—10.00 Baby Tap

10.00—10.45 Pre-Primary Ballet

10.45—11.30 Primary Ballet

11.30—12.15 Primary Tap

12.15-1.00 Grade One Ballet

1.00—1.45 Stage One Tap

1.45—2.30 Grade Two Ballet

2.30—3.15 Stage Two Tap

3.15—4.00 Grade Four Ballet

4.00—4.30 Student Class

4.45—5.15 Student Class

4.00—4.45 Junior Modern

4.45—5.30 Intermediate Modern

Orston School of Dance

Run under the direction of Mrs Lisa Murray

For details, please call 01949 844003